La Nazione – Hotel and Restaurant inside the Village at NCA Refit

Giovanni Constantino’s DREAM is coming true. As promised, the patron of NCA is preparing the construction of the guesthouse for the crews and captains of the refitting yards. A sort of Hotel, obviously a luxury one, will soon be built in the redeveloped pavilion of the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania to accommodate the owners or the  crews who can  have stay in when the yachts are refitting.

Next to the guesthouse there will also be a “starred” restaurant within the reach of the wealthy people of the world who increasingly take NCA as a destination for the restructuring of mega yachts and jewels of the sea. A detailed project that, at least in the original ideas, in addition to the guesthouse, also includes a 5-star gym.

 The new structure will be built in the sheds on the side adjacent to the Nautical Club. It should be noted that the stay of a crew from Dubai or the Ocean means an important wave of business for Marina di Carrara. The crew created by captains, sailors, hostesses and waiters means a new job for the coastal clubs. From the greengrocers to the bars, to the grocery stores to supply the galley with super luxury boats, they mean safe income for those who work on the coast.

Therefore it will be the task of the next administration to start the process for project approvals and related concessions. NCA, after a period of tension between the management and the workers, seems to have found the internal peace that will have to allow well-being for all.  Then from the renewal we move on to the construction of boats thanks to which, NCA Refit is becoming more and more a reference point for the boating industry.