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NCA Refit since 1942 boasts an absolute specialization in the activities of REFITTING and REPAIR of super yachts, mega yachts and sailing yachts and it combines a range of exclusive services reserved for crews. Strong in the abilities and the competencies acquired in the course of beyond 70 years of refitting background, NCA Refit can count on the presence of a team of engineers, highly qualified architects and technicians. The unique characteristics of the infrastructure of which it is equipped, make NCA Refit one of the most important naval hubs of the Mediterranean. NCA Refit operates in the yard of Marina di Carrara (120.000 sqm), in the yard of La Spezia (32.000 sqm) and the yard of Viareggio (4.000 sqm) for a total of 156.000 square meters of operational area.


NCA Refit offers exceptional infrastructure and services to all super-yachts which cross the Mediterranean Sea, included 200 meters private drydock (the biggest in the Mediterranean), a second 147 meters long dock, a floating dock for yachts of up to 3.300 tons, 1.320 sqm of subcontractors’ production workshop, two travel lifts of 260T and 820T, one keel pit and one syncro lift of 1000 T.

Thanks to CONSTANT and SIGNIFICANT EVOLUTION, both customizable and technological, NCA Refit is considered one of the most important high-level and prestigious shipyards.


All NCA Refit operations follow a precise company philosophy profoundly distinguished by the realization of the highest quality standards and the cure of every single detail as often repeated by the Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group GIOVANNI COSTANTINO.

“The details of every single passage of the process guarantee efficiency and quality”.



164,000 sqm

of operational area

Two drydock


2,500 sqm

The Village for employees, Captains and crew Members

3,300 ton

floating dock for yachts up to 90m


Determined with excellent ability and expertise acquired in 70 years of history and experience, NCA Refit counts on the constant collaboration of highly qualified Engineering, Architectural and Technical Teams.

The internal upholstery department, interior carpentry, steel workshop and on-site ship chandler are also present.

NCA Refit


A team of over 50 employees – including engineers, interior architects and technical staff – can provide a complete and detailed check-up of the yacht, give clear guidance on the interventions to be performed and offer the most effective solution in compliance with the highest quality standards, always keeping an eye on cost control. During the entire processing process, a Project Manager is made available as the sole contact person for the order.

Village Crew Services

Crew Services

NCA Refit introduces THE VILLAGE, an innovative structure dedicated to the free time of Captains and crew members.

At the Village, it’s possible to sip a drink or have a coffee in company in the elegant restaurant and lounge bar, keep in shape in the gym or have a relaxing essential oil massage inside the SPA.

The Conciergerie personnel will take care of all the guests’ requests, to make their stay comfortable and even more pleasant thanks to a dedicated information and booking service.


The innovative way of living the workmanship, the events and the hospitality of NCA Refit, enjoying the discovery of peculiarities which express the brand, synonym of precision and attention to details.