The Superyacht Refit report – NCA Refit

Refit and repair operations combined with unique facilities and exclusive services for captains and crew

NCA Refit offers exceptional infrastructure and services to all superyachts crossing the Mediterranean.

Thanks to constant and significant evolution, NCA Refit is considered one of the most important high-level and prestigious shipyards.

The yard counts 100,000 square metres operative space, 1,320sqm subcontractors’ production workshop, 11 warehouses, 200 metres private drydock (the biggest in the Mediterranean

and the only able to allocate even 200-metre yachts), 2,000 metres docks, a floating dock for yachts up to 90 metres with a maximum capacity of 2,200 tons, private heliport and inhouse upholstery and steel workshop.

Since 1942 NCA Refit has represented excellence in refit and repair operations for both motor and sailing yachts.