The unique characteristics of the infrastructure of which it is equipped, make NCA Refit one of the most important naval hubs of the Mediterranean Sea. The approximately 136,000 square meters of operating facilities stretching between La Spezia and Marina Di Carrara. With a rich legacy in servicing Motor Yachts and Sailing Yachts, we redefine excellence through precision and dedication.

Facilities in Marina Di Carrara

Yard Area: 120,000 m2

2 Basins, designed and built for flexibility:

  • One measuring 200 x 35 x 5.5 m
  • One measuring 147 x 48 x 7.5 m

Floating Barge: Accommodates yachts up to 90 meters x 3300 tons

Quays and Docks: Equipped with cutting-edge cranes (up to 200 tons capacity)

Travel Lift: Capacity of up to 850 tons

On-Site Surveillance: all our sites are equipped with security cameras and guards.

NCA Refit Marina di Carrara, Italy
refit lines

Modern Services

Quay Length: Extensive 2,000 meters for optimal accessibility

Refit Area: Dedicated 50,000 sqm ensuring ample space for every project

Storage: 2,500 sqm prioritizing yacht safety and security

Workshop: 1,320 sqm dedicated to subcontractors, fostering collaboration and efficiency

Heliport: For convenient arrivals and departures

Modern Offices: Facilitating seamless communication and coordination

Crew Services: Crew Village with a lounge bar, SPA, and gym facilities, 24/7 Concierge service

On-board Fuel Supply: Added convenience

Facilities in La Spezia

Docking and Construction Area: Vast 32,000 sqm ensuring ample facility space for every project

Yacht Hangars: Three hangars, each spanning 70 meters, fully equipped for refits

Piers: Six piers, each extending 60 meters, facilitating seamless accessibility

Draught Range: 4 meters to 7 meters and more, accommodating various yacht sizes

Travel Lifts: Two lifts with capacities of 260 tons and an impressive 820 tons

Drift Maintenance Pit: Dedicated pit prioritizing comprehensive yacht care

Secure Storage: Approximately 1,000 sqm of secure storage space

Modern Offices: Facilitating streamlined communication and coordination

Tailored Crew Services: Enhancing the overall yachting experience