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Your Yacht, Our Expertise: NCA Refit Dedicated Team of Professionals

At NCA Refit, our commitment to excellence is personified by our exceptional team of over 85 professionals. Comprising seasoned engineers, interior design architects, and technical personnel, we stand ready to deliver a comprehensive and detailed check-up of your yacht. Our goal is to provide precise information about necessary operations and offer the most efficient solutions, all while upholding the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS and maintaining vigilant cost control.

NCA Refit project management

Our Expertise at Your Service

  • Over 85 professionals, each a specialist in their field
  • Engineers, interior design architects, and technical personnel dedicated to yacht perfection

Comprehensive Yacht Check-Up

  • A complete and detailed assessment of your yacht’s condition
  • Precise information about necessary operations and interventions
NCA Refit engineer
NCA Refit ingeneria

Efficiency Without Compromise

  • Offering the most efficient solutions while adhering to the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS
  • Special emphasis on cost control to ensure transparency and financial prudence

Your Project Manager

  • A personal project manager serves as your unique contact person and supervisor
  • Seamless communication and coordination for a smooth and efficiency-driven experience