Village – Video

The Group’s Village is an innovative structure with lodging and services for the entertainment and free-time of Captains and Crew members allowing them to follow all the phases of production and refitting right next door.

They may take advantage of our hospitality at 360° without giving up a few hours of enjoyment.

Why not take a drink pause pleasantly mingling inside the elegant lounge bar? Or relax with a massage inside the SPA and keep fit in the fully equipped gym?

These are just some of the options offered to Captains and Crew members when staying at The Italian Sea Group’s Village. 

For every need, they can call upon the Conciergerie personnel that takes care of making their stay even more comfortable and pleasant.

Our guests can take advantage of a dedicated service of information and bookings which allow them to have access to many free-time activities, services for personal care and visit some of the most famous tourist attractions of our country.


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