At NCA REFIT we pride ourselves on a production cycle that exemplifies efficiency, precision and innovation. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the finished product and is deeply embedded in the heart of our production processes.

With a state-of-the-art facility and a team of skilled professionals, we have worked with care to create a production cycle that not only guarantees superior quality but also ensures excellent timelines.

From our steel workshop, upholstery experts and skilled furniture makers to the creative skills of our design team, every phase of our production cycle is a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, traditional craftsmanship and a dedication to meeting the unique needs of each client.

Steel Workshop

Our steel workshop handles the processes involved in the manufacture of stainless steel components for both the exterior and interior of yachts. By keeping production in-house, we maintain superior control over the entire manufacturing cycle. This in-house capability avoids the need to outsource design and expertise, guaranteeing quality, exclusivity and adherence to production schedules

NCA Refit steel works

Upholstery Workshop

Located at our headquarters in Marina di Carrara, our spacious 1,200 square metre upholstery facility has a dedicated team of experts. Equipped with the latest technology, the entire production cycle is managed in-house. From leather and fabric fillings to intricate tapestry details, from curtain decorations to cushion work, and from rubber incisions to external protections, all craftsmanship is carried out with great care.

Furniture Manufacturing

The Group’s recent acquisition of Celi 1920, a renowned Italian furniture manufacturing company specialising in the highest quality woodwork. With a century of experience (Celi was founded in Terni in 1920), our shipyard adheres to a rigorous design methodology and employs advanced technologies in furniture manufacturing, while preserving the values and qualities of “hand-made”.

CELI 1920 Italian Furniture Manufacturer
Soft Leather

Design Team

The Group’s creative area takes advantage of a team of designers who elaborate and offer proposals of “tailor-made” interiors and can satisfy each client’s requirements and requests, guiding them with professionalism and competencies in all the project phases.  The keen attention to the smallest details and the possibility of choosing among an infinite collection of marble stones, precious wood, refined fabrics, soft leather, luxury objects and décor accessories transforms a Ship Owner’s dream yacht into reality.