Since 1942 NCA REFIT boasts an absolute specialization in refitting and repair activities for superyachts, megayachts and sailing yachts together with a range of exclusive services reserved for crew members.


At NCA REFIT, we take pride in our unique specialization in refitting and repairing superyachts, megayachts, and sailing yachts. With a legacy spanning over 80 years, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, solidifying us as industry leaders.

NCA Refit La PSpezia Facilities 1
NCA Refit La Spezia yardfacilities

Strategic Locations for Seamless Service

Strategically located in La Spezia and Marina di Carrara, our shipyards are a point of reference for superyachts navigating the Mediterranean. Close to Tuscany’s renowned tourist attractions, NCA Refit seamlessly blends business with pleasure.

Our commitment to quality

Our business model is based on an ongoing commitment to quality standards. Each project is carefully managed by a team of more than 85 experienced professionals – engineers, designers and technicians – led by a dedicated project manager. This single point of contact ensures a streamlined communication channel with the owner, providing clarity and consistency throughout the process.

At NCA REFIT we believe in looking beyond the surface. Our team conducts comprehensive inspections and surveys of each yacht and provides insightful recommendations for necessary interventions. From advising on repairs to proposing innovative solutions, we aim to achieve the best results while keeping costs under control.

The Italian Sea Group NCA Refit by night