«Carrara White Marble is Wonderful» Koons said at NCA Party

Jeff Koons was enchanted by the “white” panels at  the Village.  Giovanni Costantino, the owner of The Italian Sea Group, said: “the Accademia di Belle Arti is a wonderful discovery”.

CARRARA. No star attitude for the icon of American pop art that made Michael Jackson and his little monkey Bubble immortal. At the party in his honor organized by Giovanni Costantino in the new “Village” at NCA, Jeff Koons was the perfect host: he didn’t refuse selfies and chatted with many of the entrepreneurs, artists and insiders present at a party for 150 people organized in his honor – in the informal atmosphere of a standing dinner – the new honorary professor of the Accademia di Belle Arti.

«White Marble is wonderful» remarked Koons who, with great simplicity, asked one of the stone entrepreneurs present, Paolo Mazzi «the secret of the veins of the white stone», the one present in some maxi panels of the space used by the patron of NCA to receive guests. Koons also spoke of his visits to the quarries. “An incredible scenery, a marvel” – he said while talking with the guests – “I  have been using granite for four years now, I am also thinking about the use of your marble”.

Jeff Koons does not add anything else, maintaining the profile of the great artist who is not unbalanced on the art he is working on. Even Mr. Giovanni Costantino spoke little and greeted the guests at the beginning of the evening. “I had the opportunity to visit the Academy of Fine Arts long ago – underlined Costantino – I discovered an authentic treasure, an excellence, a heritage of works and testimonies”.

After Constantino, the director of the Academy Luciano Massari handed over to the patron of “The Italian Sea Group” a letter from the institute and a medal, the same one that had been donated to Jeff Koons in the afternoon. A few official speeches, and the green light, immediately afterwards, to an evening in which there was much talk about art. Many of those present were in fact gallery owners, sculptors, art experts.